283 Performing Arts Company

89 Ormond St. N., Thorold




Tots Summer Camp will be for ages 4 years and 5 years. Join us for a week full of various
dance styles, singing, arts and crafts, movie time, and some outdoor fun! The students will also work
toward putting on a performance for their families at the end of the week. This is an exciting week for
our future performers and the perfect camp to meet new friends, learn, and sample all style classes
before the following season. Sign up your child for Tots Summer Camp today!
Those students who are 6 years and older will have the opportunity to take part in our
regular Summer Camp. This year 283 PAC will be offering two weeks of daytime sessions where
students will dance, sing, act, gain industry knowledge, and enjoy other activities! Students will work
toward filming a reality style short film, and a live performance at the end of the week. Within the
arts and crafts section of the camp, the students will collectively design the wardrobe that will be
showcased during their performance. At the end of the week, parents will be encouraged to attend
the live performance.
No summer camp is complete without a little fun and excitement. The students in both levels
will also participate in activities that will help build their self-confidence, keep them physically active,
unplug them from technology, build their social skills, and make new friends.


Tots Summer Camp

Ages: 4 and 5

Dates: July 23 – July 27

Hours: 9am-12pm

Cost: $125

Location: 89 Ormond St. N, Thorold


Summer Camp Session 1

Ages: 6+

Dates: July 30 – August 3

Hours: 9am-4pm

Cost: $175

Location: 89 Ormond St. N, Thorold


Summper Camp Session 2

Ages: 6+

Dates: August 6 – August 10

Hours: 9am-4pm

Cost: $175

Location: 89 Ormond St. N, Thorold


*SPECIAL OFFER* If you sign up for two camp sessions you will receive a $50 discount on your total fee.




What will be offered at the camp?
Hip Hop
Musical Theatre*
Break Dancing*

Vocal Training
Music Production*
Recording Sessions

Stage Training*
Film Training*

Basic DJ Training*
Wardrobe Designing
Movie/Pizza Day
Dance Party
Outdoor Activities
Free Time Stations

*will not be offered during Tots Summer Camp


1. For each day of the camp, please make sure to send your child with two snacks, a lunch, and drinks.
2. On first day of camp, students are required to bring a plain white t-shirt, plain black sweat pants (boys), and plain black
leggings (girls) for wardrobe designing sessions. This will be left at the studio for the week.
3. Bring two pairs of shoes for the duration of the camp. Indoor and Outdoor running shoes.
4. There will be a pizza day on Thursday, August 3rd and August 10th. If you wish to participate, cost $1/slice. Money for pizza will
be due first day of camp.
5. There will be a day where we take the students to the park and there is a splash pad. Please send your child with a bathing suit
and a towel if they plan to get wet. Send your child with sunscreen.