Flashfood App

Have you heard of this app yet?

A friend just introduced me to it and I can’t get over what a great idea it is! The Flashfood app lists food in your local grocery store that is about to expire and is offered at a discounted price. It allows shoppers to receive major discounts on foods that are expiring soon.

So far, this service is only available in select stores in Niagara – the St. Catharines Superstore and the Grimsby Superstore.

How to use this service:

Once you’ve downloaded the Flashfood app and signed in, you can browse foods that are expiring soon and put them in your online cart. You then checkout and pay for the food through the app. You have to then pick up your food at the Customer Service desk inside the store.

While this service is not connected to the Click and Collect service at all, I was told you should be able to pick up both orders at the same time if you place an order with Click and Collect and Flashfood for the same pick up time. You would just ask the Click and Collect worker when you arrive, if they would mind bringing out your Flashfood order with your Click and Collect order. I’m going to try it this weekend, so I’ll update this once I know for sure if it works!



From the Flashfood website:


160 000 000 000 pounds of food in North America end up in the landfill. Grocery stores can’t sell food that is reaching its best before date on a daily basis. The timing of when food is deemed unsellable is based on store policy, it typically ranges from a few days to 1-2 weeks.

By selling this food at 50% off the retail price through Flashfood, grocers are able to recover costs (i.e.: reduce shrink), and significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Consumers are able to take advantage of healthier food items like produce, meat and prepared meals that they would ordinarily deem too expensive.

With this service, you’ll enjoy good food, a great deal and the good deed – you just saved some food from a landfill!


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