Great Moments in Parenting

Sometimes the internet is a great source for parenting inspiration. Check out our collection of some truly great moments in parenting.

Creative Consequences

I LOL’d when I saw this image, and I promise you, this will turn up in our home. If your older kids are having trouble remembering how to tidy up after themselves, use a bin to return the items you’ve confiscated after they’ve completed a chore.

great moments in parenting

Spy on Your Toddler

Toddler age children are more amusing than a trip to the zoo. These parents used their video monitor to check up on their little one, who was supposed to be napping. This little guy looks so much like my own eighteen-month-old, I couldn’t help but share!

Build Them Up

We love to praise our children and encourage them to do their best, but the way we praise them is almost more important than the praise itself. These two articles on praise from Psychology Today are fascinating.

Praising Kids: “Good Job!” Doesn’t Cut It Anymore, Part 1

Praising Kids: How Proper Praise Helps Children, Part 2

great moments in parenting

Take Time Out Together

Making quality time for our kids just got easier. Here, gives us the top ten things that kids really want to do with their parents. Some of these are so simple, they will break your heart.

Encourage Creative Thinking

great moments in parenting

This year, I’m a homeschooling parent, so I was particularly delighted by this list of test answers that are 100% wrong but totally brilliant, courtesy of Distractify. Kid brains really are the very best.

Have you found any parenting gems on the internet this week? Share them with us in the comments section.


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