Great Niagara Easter Egg Hunt

Since Niagara is under ‘social distancing’ orders this Easter, let’s have a social distancing friendly egg hunt for the whole Niagara region! This is open to residences and businesses! Let’s bring some colour, joy, and happiness to our region with the Great Niagara Easter Egg Hunt!

During the Great Niagara Easter Egg Hunt, you and your family will be able to drive around and hunt for Easter Eggs starting on April 5th.


Print out and colour one or more Easter eggs or design your own. We’ve put together some options here.

Hang your egg pictures in your window or on your front door by Friday, April 3. Please leave your egg up through April 13th.

Submit your address to be added to the Google MapSubmit your address here.

Use the Google Map to hunt for Easter eggs by driving in your neighbourhood.

Post pictures and use the hashtag #NiagaraEggHunt to share! Share them in our event here.

If you don’t have a Facebook account but would like to participate, please email the location of your Easter egg to

Have fun hunting for eggs!

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