Local Businesses Selling Face Masks

The Niagara Region has passed a mandatory mask bylaw that requires everyone to wear a mask in indoor public spaces, businesses and public transit starting July 31, 2020. People with medical conditions and children under 5 are exempt from the by-law. The bylaw applies to enclosed indoor places, including retail stores, supermarkets, bakeries, convenience stores, places of worship, shopping malls, commercial buildings, laundromats, fitness centres, and cinemas. Masks are also required on public transit. There are many local businesses selling masks in Niagara. If you’re looking for where to buy face masks in Niagara, here is a list of local businesses selling masks in Niagara.

Local Businesses Selling Masks:

Stitched by Silia

Pippa and Peach Boutique

Elis ReThreads

Addy Bandz

Kozy Krafts by Heather

The Miix

EverMine Boutique

Baa Baa Bow-tique

Face masks by Lynne

Wita’s Kreations

Sews 4 You

Hey Baby!

Kathys Weighted Creations


Ann’s Sewing Room

Sew Something

Made by Malko

Handmade By Amy

She Runs with Scissors

From the Niagararegion.ca website: 

How to safely wear a face covering

  • Clean your hands before putting it on and taking it off. Clean your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer for at least 20 seconds.
  • Make sure it fits. No gaps between the face covering and your face. It should cover your mouth and nose from below the eyes to around the chin.
  • Secure it with ties or ear loops so that it is comfortable and doesn’t hinder breathing and vision
  • Keep your hands away from your face while wearing a face covering. If you do touch your face, clean your hands immediately.
  • Do not share your mask with others
  • Wear it as long as it is comfortable, and remove it when it becomes soiled, damp, damage or difficult to breathe through
  • Wash your cloth face covering in the laundry
  • Continue to stay two metres away from others
  • Clean surfaces that a dirty face covering touches

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