Outdoor Pool and Splash Pad Openings Niagara 2016

My kids have been looking forward to the opening of the local splash pads for a while now and it looks like they will finally get their wish of water fun soon!

Here are the scheduled dates of outdoor pool openings and splash pad openings in the Niagara area (some may open before the official opening day, depending on the weather):

Grimsby     Pelham    St. Catharines    Thorold    Welland    Niagara-on-the-Lake    Niagara Falls    Fort Erie    St. Davids    Beamsville    Port Colborne


Grimsby Lions Community Pool
1 Elm Street
Opens: June 18 (weekends)

Peach King Centre Splash Pad
162 Livingston Ave
Opens: May 28

Jordan Lions Swimming Pool
4th Avenue, Jordan
Opens: Saturday June 25, 2016

Jordan Lions Park Spray Pad
4th Avenue, Jordan
Opens: July

Hilary Bald Park Spray Pad
Garden Gate Terrace, Beamsville
Opens: June


Allan F. Gretsinger Community Pool
4361 Central Ave, Beamsville
Opens: Saturday June 4, 2016


Marlene Stewart Streit Park Pool
55 Park Lane
Opens: Officially opens July 4, 2016. Open evenings and weekends starting June 11, 2016.


St. Catharines

Pearson Park Splash Pad
352 Niagara Street
Opens: May 20th

Burgoyne Woods Pool
30 Edgedale Rd.
Opens: July 1st

Port Dalhousie Pool
205 Main St.
Opens: July 1st

Lincoln Park Pool
63 Chetwood St.
Opens: July 1st

Lion Dunc Schooley Pool
32 Seymour Ave.
Opens: July 1st

Catherine Street Park Splash Pad
64 Catherine St.
Opens: May 20th


Thorold Outdoor Aquatic Centre
(including Splash Pad) Richmond Street
Opens: June 25th

Sullivan Park Splash Pad
Elgin and Sydenham Streets
Opens: June 3rd

South Confederation Splash Pad
Confederation Avenue
Opens: June 3rd

Port Robinson Splash Pad
River Street
Opens: June 3rd

McAdam Park Splash Pad
Ontario Street
Opens: June 3rd

McMillan Park Splash Pad
Carleton Street South
Opens: June 3rd



Maple Park Pool and Wading Pool 
South Pelham Road between Fitch Street and Thorold Road.
Opens: Officially opens Thursday, June 16th, 2016. Open evenings and weekends June 6-15, 2016.

St. George Park Pool and Wading Pool
St. George Street at the corner of Roach Avenue.
Opens: Officially opens Thursday, June 16th, 2016. Open evenings and weekends June 6-15, 2016.

Memorial Park Pool and Splash Pad
Memorial Park Drive at the corner of Ontario Road.
Opens: Officially opens Thursday, June 16th, 2016. Open evenings and weekends June 6-15, 2016.


Memorial Park Pool
370 King Street
Opens: Monday, June 13th, 2016 with limited sessions. Regular hours start July 1st, 2016.

Virgil Splash Pad
Virgil Sportspark, Four Mile Creek Rd
Opens: Friday, June 17th, 2016

Simcoe Park Wading Pool
The corner of Queen and King Street
Opens: Mid-June

Niagara Falls

SCVFA Pool E.E. Mitchelson Park Pool and Splash Pad
3800 Springdale Avenue
Pool opens: June 30th
Splash pad opens: May 28th

Prince Charles Pool
6320 Arad Street
Opens: June 30th

F.H. Leslie Pool and Splash Pad
5250 Valley Way
Pool opens: June 30th
Splash pad opens:  May 28th

Niagara Falls Lions Club Pool
4981 Drummond Road
Opens: June 30th

Buck Hinsperger Pool
3970 Welland Street
Opens: June 30th

MacBain Community Centre Splash Pad
7150 Montrose Rd
Opens:  May 28th

Patrick Cummings Sports Complex Splash Pad
3862 Weinbrenner Rd
Opens:  May 28th


Fort Erie

Lions Sugarbowl Park Pool
100 Gilmore Road, Fort Erie
Opens: July

Ferndale Park Splash Pad
865 Ferndale Avenue, Fort Erie
Opens: June 1st

Crystal Ridge Park Splash Pad
108 Ridge Road South, Crystal Beach
Opens: June 1st

Stevensville Memorial Park Splash Pad
2508 Stevensville Road, Stevensville
Opens: June 1st

St. Davids

St. Davids Pool
1446 York Road, St. Davids
Opens: June 30th

Port Colborne

H.H. Knoll Splash Pad
160 Sugarloaf Street, Port Colborne
Opens: May 23


  1. Port colborne is part of Niagara and has a beautiful large splash pad- HH Knoll park
    It would be nice to see it recognized here

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