Things to Do at Home with Kids

If you’re stuck at home with the kids and have nothing to do, don’t worry! We’ve put together a huge list of things to do at home with kids. These activities can be done in the house with everyday items that you have around the house.  When you hear “I’m bored!,” pull out this handy list of fun and easy activities.

  1. Play dress up
  2. Do kids’ yoga
  3. Have a Nerf war
  4. Explore the world with Google Maps
  5. Do a scavenger hunt
  6. Rearrange the kids’ bedrooms
  7. Have an indoor picnic
  8. Make slime
  9. Do some tie-dye
  10. Clean the house
  11. Play balloon volleyball
  12. Write a story
  13. Learn the alphabet in sign language
  14. Bathe the dog
  15. Learn to draw
  16. Write a letter to someone special
  17. Look at old pictures or home videos
  18. Make a house of cards
  19. Melt broken crayons
  20. Play with water beads
  21. Make musical instruments and play them
  22. Take a bubble bath
  23. Play hide and seek
  24. Play board games
  25. Play cards
  26. Make a collage out of magazine pictures
  27. Draw with white board markers on windows
  28. Learn magic tricks
  29. Make sock puppets
  30. Do a sniff test with spices
  31. Make a toy car race track with painter’s tape on the floor
  32. Make up a dance routine
  33. Play hot potato
  34. Do a taste test
  35. Do a puzzle
  36. Construct a family tree
  37. Build a fort
  38. Watch a movie
  39. Put on music and dance
  40. Play Simple Simon
  41. Build a lego city
  42. Do some baking
  43. Read a book
  44. Construct an indoor obstacle course
  45. Blow cotton balls through a straw at a bowl
  46. Make friendship bracelets
  47. Make and play with play doh
  48. Play eye spy
  49. Do crafts
  50. Do stickers






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