Safari Niagara Wild Adventure

Safari Niagara is now offering the public the Safari Niagara Wild Adventure! This new safari adventure lets you drive through Safari Niagara along the entire pathway of the park to see the animals from the comfort of your own vehicle.

I took my four kids (ages 7-11) on the Safari Niagara Wild Adventure this week and they loved it. I booked our ticket online for a 10 am time slot. When you book online, you’ll receive an email with a barcode that you can print or show on your phone when you arrive at the park. Members are FREE, with proof of membership at the gate. There is an additional charge of $15 per non-member person in your vehicle. Tickets are $50 per vehicle for non-members.

It took us about 45 minutes to do the entire 3km drive through the park and it was just the right amount of time. It didn’t feel rushed and we were able to stop and watch some of the animals along the way. We got lucky (maybe because it was a sunny but cool day) and were able to see ALL of the animals out and about. Some animals were lying down enjoying the sunshine but others we were able to see up close and personal.  We chose not to listen to the available podcast that guides you through the park and instead listened to the monkeys and gibbons for most of the drive. We were also able to read the informational signs to learn about the animals as we went.

The trip was definitely worth the cost (we do not have a membership). It gave us something out of the ordinary to look forward to and it was fun to actually get out of the house (my kids have not been anywhere for the last two months other than neighbourhood walks).

Food is available for purchase there and it will be delivered to your vehicle. There are washrooms (porta-potties) available in the main parking lot that you can use before or after your safari adventure.


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