25 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

It doesn’t hurt to have a list of activities on hand for those days when the rain just doesn’t want to clear up. My kids have fun playing on their own but eventually become bored and turn to me for ideas. And while I like to go on Pinterest for some inspiration, sometimes it’s just easier to have a list handy of fun things to do with your kids indoors (or out). Here is a list of EASY and fun activities to keep kids entertained on those days when you’re stuck indoors:

  1. Play board games
  2. Make a fort
  3. Have a dance party
  4. Play dress-up
  5. Do science experiments
  6. Make play dough
  7. Blow up balloons to play with
  8. Set up a tent to read in
  9. Bake bread
  10. Make a book, individually or together
  11. Create marshmallow and toothpick structures

    photo from wired.com
    photo from wired.com
  12. Clean the house together
  13. Do a scavenger or treasure hunt
  14. Make an art gallery – paint pictures, hang them and talk about them
  15. Watch a movie with popcorn
  16. Make cards for relatives
  17. Put a mattress on the floor to jump on
  18. Make homemade bouncy balls

    from pbs.org
    photo from pbs.org
  19. Do water play indoors – fill a sink or bucket with water and play with household objects
  20. Make movies and take turns filming them (with a camera or phone)
  21. Make puffy paint
  22. Make masking tape roads

    photo from almostunschoolers.blogspot.ca
    photo from almostunschoolers.blogspot.ca
  23. Have a fashion show
  24. Go on a rainy walk with umbrellas
  25. Splash in puddles

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