Fun Backyard Winter Activities for Kids

As nice as it is to curl up in front of the fireplace, put a movie on and cuddle with the kids on a cold winter day, it can be just as much fun to gear up and get outside to play in the snow. With rosy cheeks and snow-covered mitts, children love playing outside in the snow. Most kids can amuse themselves outside for a long time, at least until their fingers are frozen, but sometimes it’s easier to entice them to leave the TV if you have some new and different backyard winter activities.


You don’t have to venture far – the backyard will do – for these 10 fun things to do outside with your kids this winter:

1. Build a snowman. Make sure you add mittens, a hat and scarf to personalize your snow friend. Or make a whole family!

2. Shovel. Get the kids involved when shoveling the driveway. They can even create their own little maze.

3. Blow bubbles. Bring out the leftover bubble mix from summer and watch as the bubbles freeze.

4. Play snow tag. Kids will have fun getting outside and will enjoy running around and getting warm. It’s a lot of fun, and with snow pants on, it doubles as a good workout!

5. Paint the snow. Kids can get creative by painting the snow with spray bottles filled with water and food colouring. Experiment with mixing colours!

6. Make snow angels. Everyone can line up beside each other and create a chain of snow angels.

7. Make snow castles. Use the pails and shovels from the sandbox to create snow castles.

8. Play follow the leader. Create a path and have the kids follow in your boot prints.

9. Do a treasure hunt. Hide colourful objects in the snow and have the kids search for them using clues.

10. Throw snowballs. While it may not be a great idea to have the kids throw snowballs at each other, you can set up a target and have them practice throwing snowballs at that.

What are some other fun things your kids love to do in the snow?

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